Run-Down Emotion

Its here again

That feeling

That abandons me at the border between being depressed and being a total failure

I’m sad

For so many reasons that I can now identify none

I feel the emptiness in my heart

Not for a lover to fill or anything

But for happiness to move back in

I want to haul the sorrowful feelings out

but I don’t know how

So now I’m stuck

Waiting for someone ,anyone,anything

To make me happy


My Wish

I wish everything was settled in the beginning so that we wouldn’t have to worry about how our lives would turn  out.

I wish we did not have to make decisions for ourselves but sit back and be the car not the driver

I wish we had all we wanted and more than we needed

I wish we had those ideal friends and family we can only access in our imaginations

My biggest wish is that we do not have to wish for anything because we have all that we wish for right now